North Sichuan Medical College

North Sichuan MedicalCollege is located in Nanchong, a famous historical city which is the home town of the greatest Chinese leaders such as Deng-Xiaoping, Zhanglan, Luoruiquin etc. The Nanchong city is well connected to most of the China’s major cities by air, rail, express highways and river ports. The city is located in a mountainous terrain with mild climate all through the year. Compared to other cities of China, the cost of living in Nanchong city is relatively less. The people Nanchong city are very affable and friendly to the foreign students. Nanchong is filled with activities that are sure to entertain everyone. You are sure to find art, sports, recreation and shopping and more which you would love to the core!
You can enjoy the tasty and delicious Sichuan delicacies at the restaurants at Nanchong city.


The teaching faculty comprises 400 experienced and eminent professors and assistant professors. Most of the professors do have teaching exposure with western universities.

TeachingAnd Training

The university attaches more significance to training and teaching. All class rooms are equipped with multi-media teaching facilities and WIFI connectivity.

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Cost Of Medical Education

The cost of medical education at North Sichuan Medical University is affordable to many foreign students. That’s why, a good number of foreign students sign up for MBBS course year-on-year. Every academic year not less than 200 Indian students join MBBS course at North Sichuan Medical University. The alumni of North Sichuan Medical University shine and flourish in their career.


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